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What hardware you need:

MegaPatch64: C64, ram expansion with at least 192kbyte (all kinds of expansions-units are supported), 1541-/1571- oder 1581-diskdrive and GEOS64.

MegaPatch128: C128, 64kbyte VDC, ram expansion with at least 192kbyte (all kinds of expansions-units are supported), 1571- oder 1581-diskdrive and GEOS128. For demoversion you need only a 1541-diskdrive.

What you get is ... A new file selector: use up to 255 files, select files with a double-click, filename also selectable by using the keyboard, the sorted display of filenames, move around the file list with the scrollbar, everything in full color in all (!) applications.

What you get is ... a Special adjustment for SuperCPU: further speedup by 25% compared to the original patches delivered with the utility-disk, supports RAMCard (up to 4096K DACC, rest to 16MB for RAM-Native-Drive).

What you get is ... that the printer driver in GEOS64 will now constantly hold in memory, like in GEOS128. No more loading from disk!

What you get is ... no more swap files on disk by GEOS64 when starting desk accessories. Like in GEOS128 no swap files will be generated because of the data would be saved to the ram-expansion.

What you get is ... Screen savers for your GEOS (included in the new kernel)! Different screen savers with various graphical effects were delivered with MP3. Additional effects may be programmed.

What you get is ... an easy to handle Task Switcher (included in the new kernel)! Up to nine (9) applications can be opened at the same time (while sufficient RAM is available since each task uses a RAM-bank of 64K). With a keypress you can jump from an application to the Task Switcher and start another application or change to another one already loaded. Screenshot-function grabs a copy of the current screen and saves it as GeoPaint picture. Modify the printer driver, even when you are inside an active application. Printing in background with many functions.

What you get is ... A new CONFIGURE-file: The GEOS.Editor! This program completely replaces the old CONFIGURE, configure drives (up to four drives at the same time are possible), select boot-partitions on the RAMLink, switch SuperCPU speed, switch SuperCPU optimization, control GEOS menu functions, configure Task Switcher, install screen-saver and much more...

What you get is ... New device drivers: driver for RAMLink and CMD-HD (using parallel cable) were accelerated, bugs in the 1581-driver were removed, new drivers for CMD Native Mode, extended functions for developers like changing partitions, directories...

What you get is ... A new desktop „TopDesk V4.1“: looks like current PC-operating-systems. The new desktop of course also use the extended functions of the MegaPatch V3.0 kernel.

What you get is ... A special add-on: Possibility of exchanging files for MS-DOS PC's using 3,5" disks.

What you get is ... accelerated graphic routines: automatically sets color in dialog boxes, icons within dialog boxes also in color (for example "OK", "Open", "disk", but also user-defined icons), the faster pop-up of dialog boxes and faster screen redraw through improved graphic routines, "PullDown"-menus improved (leaving menu at the bottom not possible, current selection is highlighted to increase visibility), improved routines for entering text - cursor accelerated, insert/delete of characters always possible, many bugs in the graphic routines of the original kernel were removed.

What you get is ... something more like this: supports all kinds of ram-expansions (Commodore REU, GeoRAM/BBGRAM, RAMLink, SuperCPU+RAMCard), free selectable backdrop images, new start-/reboot-program for GEOS (automatically detects the current RAM-expansion, a start-disk is usable for all kinds of RAM), adjusted to SuperCPU - RAM-drives will not be slowed down, printer connected to userport now always works with 20 MHz enabled, »MoveData«-routine to move around memory areas improved for SuperCPU (16Bit-mode, moving of data at least as fast as with a Commodore REU, around 1MB/sec), desktop starts from drive A: to D:, extended functions in the kernel for developers, jump table extended (now includes all functions like color-setting and so on).


GEOS-MegaPatch 64/128 Screenshots




The new file-box, which appears in all GEOS Applications...


Printer Spooler


Yes! That's right. MP3 includes an easy to handle printer-spooler. Of course it could not be as good as the PC-Versions, but it works! Have a look to this screenshot: You can see something new to GEOS, the new menu-type "Register". Here you see two registers: "Document" and "Printer". Select the title with the mouse and the new menu appears on the screen! OK, let's go back to the spooler. At the first register "Document", you can select the pages and options (number of copies...) to be printed.


At the register "Printer" you can choose the printer driver.
This driver will be used for all printouts.

On the right top you see the used memory of the spooler...




Of course this new GEOS-kernel needs a new version of the file "CONFIGURE", it's called "GEOS.Editor". Like all MP3-programms, the GEOS.Editor use the new menu-type "Register". The first register "Drives" makes you configure your drives. You can install up to four RAMLink's in your system. This could be very helpful when working for example with geoPublish. Completely new programmed disk drivers were included in MP3: 1541,71,81, RAM41,71,81, CMD FD41,71,81, CMD HD41,71,81, CMD RL41,71,81. For power-users, the CMD-native-mode can now be used on all CMD-drives!
Also you can use the parallel cable between RamLink and HD!
Another new thing is the usage of the complete memory of SuperCPU's RamCard up to 16MB.


Of course, the SuperCPU from CMD if fully integrated in MP3! Here you can modify the SCPU-modes. What you see in the GEOS-ID-area is your current GEOS-ID-code. If you have bought installed software for GEOS, for example geofile, and the new application was installed with another ID-code, you can modify the current ID-code here.


Here you see the currently used ram in your ram-expansion. You can configure the number of tasks (see more details at "The Task Manager") and the size of the printer-spooler.


MP3 includes a screen-saver. Programmers could create very easily their own screen savers. In MP3 some effects were included: Starfield, Puzzle, PacMan and "colored rasterbars". A new function in MP3 is the "Background picture": Select a geoPaint-file you want to use as background for other (new MP3-compatible-) applications. Here you see the MegaEditor using the startup-picture as a background-image. Of course you can install your own image! Programmers could now reload this image only by using a simple "JSR"-assembler-code. Of course, the MP3-DeskTop "WinDesk" would use the installed image too...


Of course, you can modify the complete MP3-system. You can select the cursor-speed or you can modify the current input-device.


Here you can modify the printer-driver. New at GEOS64: the installed driver is stored in the ram-expansion! It's not longer necessary to have the printer-driver on each disk!




New at MP3: You can now open up to nine applications and move between them! This could be very helpful when working with geoWrite and geoPaint. Call the Task Manager by pressing the <C=> and <CTRL> keys at the same time whenever you want.


Open a new task by selecting the file type in this register. The new MP3-file-selector box appears and you can open a new task.


Select a new printer even if geoWrite is currently opened. So you can print your document in "low quality"-mode first, and if the layout is correct, you can select the "high - quality"-printerdriver and print the document again without leaving geoWrite!


Create a screenshot of the current applications-screen. The picture would be stored in a simple geoPaint-document so you can modify and print the screenshot with geoPaint.


TopDesk V4.1

The new DeskTop for MegaPatch.

TopDesk is using the new background picture...

Click on the GEOS icon to start the 'TaskManager' of MP3...

PC-DOS disk driver at work:

Front window shows an opened PC-DOS disk in a FD drive...

You can copy the DOS files directly to a CMD disk...


The new WinDesk V1.0
(state: 16.11.2003)

As a new DeskTop for MP3 WinDesk is today in developer state. This new DeskTop will set standards with GEOS/MP3 relating to operating comfort, functions and speed. It was optical and functional adapted to known PC-DeskTops.

Here you see the start screen of WinDesk with the GEOS-menu-button (contains all menu functions), taskbar, MP3-background graphic, links on the desktop and display of the current time.
With the links on the desktop, which could be individually organised, you can quickly start applications, desk accessories and documents.
Above the link 'working place' you will reach the installed drives.
All pictures show WinDesk in 64- resp. 128-40-character-mode.

WinDesk with opened GEOS menu.
Here you will get the system settings (Mega.Editor for e.g.), desk accessories and the at last started programs and documents.

In 128-mode you could furthermore jump between the VIC- (40-character) and VDC-mode (80-character with colour).
WinDesk exists only in one version for C64 and C128.
The menus are auto-active, this means that sub-menus will open automatically when you put the mouse pointer over the according main-menu.

WinDesk shows permanent the current time besides the taskbar. If you move the mouse pointer over the clock, the current date appears. This notice disappears also automatically, when you move the mouse pointer from this position.
When you make a click on the clock, you will get the clock/date installation menu.

With this special WinDesk-Error-Handling-Routine all errors from IO-operations or user-mistakes will be intercepted.

Soon more...